Audio Cassette, Record, and Reel to Reel Transfer

At Koala Conversion, we convert almost any audio format to digital files that you can play anywhere. Whether it is a audio cassette, vinyl record, or reel-to-reel audio tape, we have you covered. We offer output to practically any audio format imaginable, including: WAV, MP3 and AAC. Ask about same day service so you get your order done quickly!


Audio Formats


Audio Cassette TapeAudio Cassette

Audio cassettes were known for being easily recordable and playable. A hard-wearing format that was dominant until the CD came about.


Audio CD DiscCDs

Audio CDs feature the highest-possible quality audio signal and are still the dominant physical audio format.


Vinyl RecordVinyl Record

Vinyl records are an audio format that was popular for decades. Known for their warm, analog sound, vinyl records are still immensely popular and currently experiencing a renaissance.


Dat Tape CassetteDigital Audio Tape / DAT

A fully digital audio cassette tape format developed by Sony in 1987. While DAT was intended to be a high-quality replacement for standard audio cassettes, it was never widely adopted in the consumer market. However, DAT tapes were popular in the professional recording industry.


1/4 inch Audio ReelReel-to-Reel Audio

Reel-to-reel (or 1/4 inch) audio is one of the earliest ways of recording audio. It remained popular even into the 1980s as it ensured the best quality audio recording possible.