Pile of Audio Cassettes Tapes

Professional Quality Audio Cassette Transfers

Do you have a pile of old audio cassettes you’d like to be able to listen to anywhere? Let us transfer those audio cassettes to a digital format that makes it easy. We use professional equipment and music production software to transfer your Audio Cassettes to any digital format. Formats we can transfer to include:

CD Disc

Easy to share and watch, even without a computer. With an audio cassette transfer to compact disc, you can play it on any computer or CD player.

Cloud Link

We provide you with downloadable links for all of your audio files. You can download and store your files on as many devices as you want.  No hard drives, no hassle!

File On Hard Drive

Get your file on your hard drive for personal archiving and easy audio editing. Great for slower internet connections and custom file formats.

Need a custom file format?

We can encode your VHS video tape to nearly any format, including

AAC .mp3 .wav .aif PCM

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